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Our assessment services are designed to provide customers with preliminary consulting services on their existing technical infrastructure with regards to their business processes and goals.

The next level would be to make recommendations on integration of Open Source solutions into the existing framework. This initial assessment allows the parties involved to get a clear insight on requirements and solutions respectively, which clearly is the foundation for a successful implementation of the given solution.

Open Source is a central topic in the IT business today. We build Open Source Software, because we believe in the concept. With Open Source Software (OSS) the source code as opposed to proprietary software is made available and can be changed. An open (and therefore normally larger) group of developers work on the software. Improvements are constantly published in the newest (developer) version. Because of the licence model there is no revenue from licensing or the selling of OSS-software. Business models mainly base on consulting services, implementation, integration and maintenance.


  • With OSS there is no dependence of single software companies, but a multiple development of software for different platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS).
  • There is a high amount of developers, therefore development is fast.
  • The application is stable and secure.
  • The software solutions are specifically adjusted to the companies that use them.

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Our Implementation and Integration services assist in initial deployment, with a broad range of test and quality assurance measures. One of the main service offerings within the integration phase is migration of existing contents. During implementation process, any customisation requirements that were deemed necessary during the assessment phase can be undertaken.

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We offer dedicated solutions, unique to each company´s business practices and processes. Customisation may involve development of extra modules, deletion of some existing features from the standard solution, compatibility extension to additional tools and technologies and so on. Benefit from the flexible nature of Open Source.



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Thorn Lighting

Supporting the internal development team in the relaunch of the Thorn Lightning site. Special focus was placed on multilingual features supporting as many as 27 country sites and 25 languages as well as on search optimisations. Thorn Lighting

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Bildergut aims at creating a distinctive style using digital means. The website features hi-res images backed by a CMS for quick update and support for fullscreen and mobile. Bildergut

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OSHA Campaign website

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work has chosen the internet as its primary means to disseminate information. We facilitate that on several platforms including CMS, Wiki, campaign sites and communication tools. Healthy Workplaces

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A Europe-wide, multi-language platform for reviews of historical literature supporting humanities scholars to communicate in the digital future. (Supported by DFG, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Leibniz-Institut für Europäische Geschichte Mainz and Universität zu Köln). Recensio

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DENSO CMR Database

To track, present, approve and manage changes in the production cycle we have created an intranet based Change Management System in close cooperation with the Denso QA personnel. The solution allows distributed access to all relevant information at any time.

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Universität der Bundeswehr

SYSLAB.COM provides technical support to The University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich (UniBwM) on 176 CMS portals. UniBW

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We are looking for a software developer Zope/Plone.


Your primary responsibilities are analysis, design and implementation of software projects based on python, zope2&3 and plone. You are in charge of your own projects which you supervise from acquisition to service. You will also keep contact to the community and release your projects as open source.


You have a masters degree/diploma in computer science and some years of experience in developing web applications. Knowledge of python, zope and plone is definitely a big advantage. Working in a small team incites you. You are fluent in German and English.

We offer

... an enjoyable environment - we work where it is best. At the office, at home, in the park. We use conventions only for our programming techniques. We think that a programmer thrives if he gets his flexibility. As everybody depends on each other, we have a good and productive working climate.


We create innovative solutions based on content management frameworks like zope and plone. As an alternative to commercial monolithic ECM software, we strive to tie the best components of open source software together to match the individual needs. Doing so we are not bound to any specific industry but service the general need for information management.


Then do not hesitate to send your application by e-mail to