Linux Lite 3.4 released with easily configurable zRAM, update notifier & more

Continuing the goal of providing secure, user friendly and lightweight operating system, Linux Lite team has released Linux Lite 3.4 Final. The main focus of this release are improved security & ease of configuration. It also includes updated packages from Lite and Ubuntu repositories.

Lite Welcome, the welcome app shown when booting to Linux Lite desktop has got a fresh look. After installation, It will remind you to update your system, set restore point and install proprietary drivers. Lite Tweaks, another home made application of Lite Linux, includes four new features. In Hibernate & Suspend section, you can configure whether to show this option in login screen. Login & Logout feature will facilitate system administrators to disable options in logout confirmation window. Other features in Lite Tweaks are manage saved sessions and zRAM configuration.

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