Solus Devs Add Initial Snapd Support, Improvements to Linux Steam Integration

Ikey Doherty, founder and lead developer of the Solus Project developing the Linux-based Solus operating system, released today a much-improved version of the Linux Steam Integration (LSI).

Linux Steam Integration 0.7.2 is now available with several new features and improvements that might worth your attention if you’re an avid Linux gamer. These include initial support for Canonical’s Snappy daemon Snapd, a workaround for the Unity3D „black screen of nope“ bug, as well as enhanced vendoring rules and shim system.

To improve the shim implementation, Linux Steam Integration 0.7.2 brings a new generic lsi-exec entry point used by both steam and lsi-steam binaries. It also includes support for the XDG specification, a more robust environment bootstrap, and various other improvements.

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Author: Marius Nestor

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  • a couple of months ago