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Software for Progress

made simple

For 24 years has been helping people achieve their content management goals. As one of the largest and most experienced Plone and Zope developers in Germany, we understand your needs and look at your concerns from a long-term perspective.

If you want to process data profitably while focusing on your target groups and in an accessible manner in accordance with the latest laws, working with our experts will lead to the right solution.

The Syslab Approach

Access to emerging software products, leading market intelligence and the benefits of global reach through open source technologies.


OiRA Cloud Pro

Effective online interactive risk assessment. Risk assessment, risk management, protective measures. Operational instruction management and qualification planning. Documentation and evaluation.

Quaive Cloud Pro

Social collaboration technologies for modern workspaces, virtual expert teams, efficient communication and coordination. Sustainable knowledge management, centrally controlled workflows, procedures and documents.

Enterprise Scripting

Custom system integration programming, scripts and reports for operational excellence in management and corporate control. Networked software, flexible structures, focused processes.

Your company is important to you. Like all owners and managers, you want to simplify connections between the people, systems and data important to your business.

Therefore, social collaboration technologies should give you security and open up possibilities.

You want to learn more about how to carefully plan, communicate and achieve common goals.

You want to reduce complexity in hyper-connected digital structures and enable effective collaboration.

With more efficiency and lower costs.

Quaive cloud pro

Our Quaive software experts offer you assistance in the environment of increasingly complex corporate structures and a multitude of different systems, processes and tools. They identify software solutions with you that support you in building intelligent, digital networks, dismantling information silos and improving the flow of information across company boundaries. Integrating business partners into your processes and supporting cooperation between business areas, partners and customers.

Customer Trust

We are pleased to offer our customers simple, convenient digital support. Whether it be for objective advice, concept development, roll-out, release and deployment management or for the user help desk. All of our content management solutions are perfectly tailored to our customers. While the personal relationship is central, we use code wherever we see opportunities to improve the user experience of our software for our customers.

Occupational health and safety, confidentiality and the integrity of processes and data are particularly important in your company.

As an owner or manager, you have a lot of responsibility.

You wish to meet the increasing requirements for occupational safety and health protection for the employees entrusted to you.

You want to set up an effective and appropriate online interactive risk assessment in your company.

And maintain and continuously optimize your occupational health and safety.

OIRA cloud pro

We’ll help you. has been a premium software partner of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) since 2006. We help policy makers at EU and national level, small and medium-sized companies and also corporations, professionals and researchers in the field of occupational safety and health. Our commitment is to promote a culture of risk prevention to improve working conditions through unconditional, easy-to-use and GDPR compliant cloud software.

OPEN SOURCE Software is a Plone Open Source Premium Sponsor. We strive to create a positive, inclusive work environment and invest in the open source communities in which we operate. We nurture software innovations for the digital future and encourage diversity, inclusion and respectful behavior within the community.

BE connected. BE flexible. Be Productive.

Experienced software specialists, graduates, apprentices. is growing and evolving. High quality software engineering and the quest for technical excellence are at the core of this transformation. We nurture talent and and a positive developer experience. We value the individual qualities you bring that enable you to make an impact, to take initiative and empower you to create value. Work in an inclusive environment, whether that be from home, from the Munich office or abroad.

Programming is your world? Do you have a can-do mentality, are you pragmatic and open-minded? Then contact us and take a look behind the scenes. Find out what our team is passionate about, what tasks we are dealing with and what experience you can gain with us.

future branches

Our software philosophy is designed for the long term, but it is still constantly exposed to innovations in the digital markets.

Structural changes that are slow in business terms, on the other hand, are often influenced by dynamism and temperament as well as by short-term industry trends. Software investments are tactical investments. is a good match for customers across industries who act responsibly and sustainably, with consideration for the future.

    European Agencies, Ministries, Authorities

    Universities and Research

    Culture & Social

    Manufacturing Industry

    Digitization & Automation

    Renewable Energy

    Water Supply & Recycling

    Sustainable Mobility & Logistics

    Food & Agriculture

    what is important to you?

    • Share data and find information securely and conveniently
    • Manage projects and coordinate tasks across locations
    • Organize complex workflows visually
    • Modern, target group-oriented and accessible communication formats
    • Streamline the system landscape, reduce complexity

    Our software experts are aware that ensuring data that can be processed quickly and flexibly can play a role in time-critical projects.

    Together with you they analyze the software options that enable you to continue your company development and to use the value of your vision as a significant opportunity.

    Milestones and partners

    These strategic partners are milestones in our business strategy. Content management systems are becoming more and more complex and require competent management, which is the focus of our software services. Thanks to the cooperation with our partners, we are able to make our solutions available to new, industry-independent target groups throughout Europe.

    cosent NL

    Smart collaboration solutions. Platform and technology development.

    Flying Circus

    Web hosting. Flexible and reliable operation for business-critical applications. DS-GVO Compliant.


    Software development with Python, Zope and Pyramid.


    Web development, design, consulting.

    This team is in charge of the magic

    Our team consists of outstanding open source engineering talent. They develop, implement and maintain our content management systems and software functions.

    Main shareholder. Business & software vision, agile corporate development. Controlling Mindset. Change agent. Plone Foundation Member.

    Alexander Pilz, Germany

    Managing Director, Dipl.-Inf. univ. (Computer Science)

    Shareholder. Financial and payroll accounting. Contract management. Insurance. Supervision, statistics, reporting. Banking & official communication.

    Gabriele Loher, Germany

    Managing Director, Bank clerk (IHK)

    Marketing & Corporate Communications. Strategic & content orientation. Trade fairs & events, media design.

    Lotte Nielsen, Denmark

    Marketing Strategist, Master of Arts (Music)

    Multiproject management. Quality Assurance. User Help Desk, Second Level. Professional Scrum Product Owner.

    Angela Steinhardt, Germany

    Senior Key Account, Dipl.-Ing. (Architecture)

    Integral Business Analyst. Plone Foundation Member & Core Developer. Senior Python Developer. Managing Director cosent, founder and product strategist of Quaive.

    Guido Stevens, Netherlands

    Senior-Developer, MBA (Economy)

    Business & software vision. Design of software architecture. Plone Foundation Member, Core Developer & Framework Team Member.

    Alessandro Pisa, Italy

    Senior Architect, PhD (Physics)

    Technical expertise, software architecture & system design. IT security management. Senior Python & JavaScript Developer. Plone Foundation Member & Core Developer.

    Johannes Raggam, Austria

    Senior Developer, Dipl.-Ing. FH (Computer Science)

    System management. Infrastructure, Preventive Maintenance, Monitoring & Disaster Recovery. Plone developer.

    Manuel Reinhardt, Germany

    Senior Developer, Dipl.-Inf. univ. (Computer Science)

    System management. Infrastructure, Preventive Maintenance, Monitoring & Disaster Recovery. Plone developer.

    Cillian de Róiste, Ireland

    Senior Developer, BA (Computer Science / Linguistics)

    HOW can we support you?

    We are happy to take care of your questions and concerns personally.